zélie tv; still just a too-online girl with a youtube account

zelietv dot com is my newest and currently most personal site. it is still a work in progress. check out my mostly finished semi lo-fi site sugarette.net which contains a backlog of years’ of blog posts. if you click blog at the top, it takes you to that site’s blog, too.

i am zélie (full name zélie thorn), a 28 year old woman with bad tattoos and an online presence of sorts. i have been blogging and dyeing my hair for almost twice as long as i have been disabled and a sworker. i advocate for mental wellness, share my experiences with mental illnesses, psychological trauma and chronic physical illnesses to decrease stigma, raise awareness and make others feel less alone.

my main motives in life are helping others and archiving history to preserve it, even family history and memories. i believe that this is important. if you agree with me re: history and perhaps have some family photos to save, check out the archiving link at the top.

it’s hard to sum yourself up after 28 complex years. i am interesting, not chill. i am a perfectionist. i like the color pink and having terabytes of storage on my desktop pc for my photo & video editing, and scanning/archiving images.